In order to ensure the full satisfaction of its customers, the SEEB GROUP, with three subsidiaries certified ISO 9001, operates a strict quality policy. Based on a constant strive for improvement, goals are defined and re-evaluated each year.
The analysis of our processes allow us to reach and anticipate the level of quality required by our customers. Continuous staff awareness about quality goals increases involvement of all and enables the success of our projects.


Aware of security concerns, the SEEB GROUP is committed to provide services that comply with requirements of its customers and meet imperatives of safety and reliability.
Our staff have been made aware of the risks of the profession during training sessions. We also carry out audits with our partners and subcontractors to ensure compliance with safety standards and working conditions.
Keeping a permanent watch on legal environment, the SEEB GROUP is committed to cope with the legal obligations related to its business to meet all markets requirements.
The SEEB GROUP also considers environment standards by adapting its production and working methods: waste reduction, rational printing practices, recycling of machining chips, etc.


Thanks to its integrated skills, the SEEB GROUP undertakes to be more reactive and relies on the latest innovations to offer customized industrial solutions. Thanks to close and trusting relationship with our customers, we are able to know needs and adapt to market expectations.
So as to provide an optimal service, the SEEB GROUP has always worked with the best partners to reach an impeccable product quality.