• Vanne detouree

With high requirements about traceability, security and repeatability of parts, the energy and nuclear sector requires a flawless production and equipment supervision. Providing industrial solutions can lead, for instance, to the complete control of processes from procurement to shipment.

  • Valves on primary and secondary circuits
  • Turbine shaft
  • Handling tool for CEA laboratory
  • Machining parts for primary circuit, RJH project
  • Experimental projects and models
  • Instrumentation adaptators, connection parts
  • Steam generators equipment and support
  • Pressure tests tools
  • Seismic strength anchorage tools
  • Other CNC tools


  • Rccm

Its mastery of RCC-M code, documentary management as well as quality process, the SEEB GROUP establish itself as a key player of the energy sector in France, particularly for the nuclear power.

PNB member since its creation, AREVA accredited and Nuclear Q1 certified, the SEEB GROUP is involved in a vast majority of nuclear programs such as EPR in Flamanville (FR), Olkiluoto (FI), Taïshan (CN), LMJ project (Laser Mega Joule) or even RJH project (Réacteur Jules Horowitz).